Allpay achieves MasterCard accreditation

Supplying MasterCard

Card manufacturer Allpay Ltd has been approved by MasterCard to manufacture, chip implant, personalise and fulfil MasterCard chip and PIN card products.

The agreement ensures Allpay PayPass products meet the technical requirements of the MasterCard PayPass specification. Allpay can now offer the full range of certified EMV products and services, including PayPass, Paywave, EMV Chip and PIN enabled payment cards.

Sara West, Commercial Director Card Services said, “We’re thrilled to have been approved as one of only three companies in the UK to fully manufacture, chip embed and personalise Dual Interface cards for both MasterCard® and Visa.”

Marshall Haldane, Operations Director at Allpay added: “PayPass will have a marked effect on the way low-value purchases are made in the UK, for both retailers and cardholders alike, to reduce cash handling and save consumers time, whilst retailers will benefit from quicker throughput of purchases. Retailers and banking institutions see contactless payment solutions such as PayPass as an opportunity to show innovation in payments, while providing a better service to their customer. PayPass is ideal for a quick payment environment where speed is essential.”

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