Payfair announces agreement with EAPS

"Joining forces" with EAPS

Payfair has signed an agreement with the Euro Alliance Payment Schemes (EAPS) to evaluate the areas of cooperation between the two firms. Both parties agree a “joining forces” scenario will benefit both sides’ chances of being a successful European SEPA complaint payment scheme.

The agreement addresses recent calls from European authorities for more to be done about solutions for cross border card payments in Europe. The cooperation will begin with Payfair becoming an EAPS participant, thus enabling both parties to use each other’s issuing and acquiring networks.

As a result, the above will allow leveraging of the existing infrastructure and investments. A closer partnership with additional cooperation options will also be considered in the future. Payfair’s

CEO, Stephan Becker said: “We are very excited by the great opportunities offered by our co–peration with EAPS. Apart from getting access to one of the largest European networks, this partnership is a major step forward towards realising payfair’s vision to become a SEPA payment scheme and acceptance brand for electronic payments.” 

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