FISERV aims to speed property payments processing in partnership with Tops

Partnership with TOPS software

Fiserv, Inc. (FISV), has announced a partnership with TOPS Software to make payment processing faster and more efficient for property managers.

Fiserv clients who use the RemitStream® Exception Handling property management solution and also use TOPS Condo/HOA management software are now able to automatically resolve exceptions during payment processing through integration of homeowner data between the two solutions.

As a TOPS Authorized Integration Partner, Fiserv worked with TOPS to create a specialized file that is in a specific format for loading into the Fiserv processing system without any further manipulation. The data file is used to create “accept,” “stop” and “name and address lookup” files that are used during the front-end of payment processing to reduce exceptions that require manual handling by property managers. Fiserv clients who are using the TOPS Professional accounting software will have the file format automatically available in their software.

“We know that many of the property managers who use RemitStream Exception Handling also use the TOPS solution, so to make the exceptions handling process easier and faster, we worked with TOPS to create this specialized data extract file,” said Anna Quinlan, president, Item Processing and Remittance Solutions, Fiserv. “The data in this file is used to augment missing information during processing, which reduces exception items that require manual intervention so property managers can get those payments processed quickly.”

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