GlobalPlatform aims to streamline NFC security

Aiming to streamline NFC security

GlobalPlatform has released its Composition Model, which streamlines the security evaluation of NFC contactless mobile applications.

The recent enhancements will be of interest to mobile application and product issuers, such as mobile network operators (MNOs) and financial institutions.

The GlobalPlatform Composition Model defines an approach to certify the security of SE products that carry sensitive and/or basic applications and simplify post-issuance application management. The model achieves this by promoting two key concepts: re-using existing security evaluation results; and limiting security evaluation work to only test the impact of new application and SE combinations. The streamlined methodology enables the telecom and payment industries to redeploy SEs and applications once they have been certified.

The Card Composition Model has been developed in association with EMV payment standards body and GSMA.

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