Only 8% of Romanian internet users bank online

Shedding light on payment trends

Only 8 percent of Romanian internet users have performed online banking activities, as compared to the 54 percent EU 27 average, a recent study indicates.

According to Eurostat’s research, 73 percent of Romanians use the internet to read news, well ahead of the EU 27 average of 61 percent. Data shows that only 24 percent of Romanian consumers use the internet to access travel and accommodation services, as compared to 50 percent on average across the EU.

The findings point out that home access to internet is still behind the EU average. In 2012, only 54 percent of households have had internet access and most of them have used broadband connections. Even though the percentage of households connected to the internet has increased from only 14 percent in 2006, this is still below the EU average of 76 percent.

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