Comdata expands cardless fuel transactions processing availability

Continuing cardless fuel solutions

Comdata Corporation, has announced the continued expansion of its cardless fuel solution. These transactions can now process through its Smart Solutions point-of-sale (POS) platform.

The Davis Travel Center in Stony Creek, Va. is processing cardless transactions and was the first to do so using Comdata’s Smart Solutions. This location is one of two Davis Travel Center sites to implement the SmartQ cardless fueling technology with the Smart Solutions POS. Smart Solutions is a consolidated POS platform designed to manage all profit centers. With this new capability, it also provides a way for convenience store and truck stop locations to easily offer cardless fuelling to support their fleet customers.

The Comdata cardless solution, which began processing live transactions in August, automates the fuelling process and data entry requirements with the use of a cost-effective RFID tag. This benefits both the fleet and the merchant by reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions, automatically shutting off the pump when the truck pulls away. In addition to the network of independent merchants that are installing the SmartQ cardless fueling technology, Love’s Travel Stops is near completion of enabling more than 235 travel stops to accept cardless transactions. Travel Centers of America (TA) is also in the process of equipping their locations to accept cardless transactions.

Steve Stevenson, president of Comdata, said; “This expansion in our cardless fueling capabilities is the next step in delivering solutions that can make the fuel transaction easier, faster and more secure for both merchants and fleets.”

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