SmartPay introduces gateway log

Addition of new Payment Gateway Log

SmartPay has announced the addition of a Payment Gateway Log to their electronic billing and invoicing solution.

The Payment Gateway Log is a feature within SmartPay that records all transactions that have been submitted through a company’s payment gateway. SmartPay merchants can see if transactions have been approved or denied and if there is an error code, what the code means.

The report defaults to failed transactions over the last 30 days, but all transactions are recorded and stored in the system. Specific transactions can be located through detailed filter options that modify the transaction criteria, which helps when troubleshooting specific customer issues.

“This new feature gives SmartPay merchants the tools needed to help their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, without having to seek outside assistance from our team or their Gateway Provider,” said  Karn Jilek, Director of Operations at SmartPay.

SmartPay merchants now have access to the Payment Gateway Log and have been mailed the new SmartPay User’s Guide, which includes a list of their payment gateway’s error codes.

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