Trustatrader launches new debit and credit card processing service

Growing in UK payments scene

Trustatrader has recently announced its new service that will now allow all its members to accept credit and debit card processing at low cost. Trustatrader has joined forces with who has designed and implemented a new online payment system to make it easy and efficient for consumers to pay Trustatrader members.

Gary McEwen, MD at Trustatrader stated “This is something we have been looking to initiate for a long time. We are delighted with our partnership with Payatrader and this new initiative now allows our members to offer more choice and flexibility to their customers. This is especially important when customers have to pay for more expensive work.”

This is an important partnership for and MD Bill Thomson recently said “We are delighted with our partnership with Trustatrader. We have already seen strong response to the offer and this will only grow each month. We envisage a significant take up and use of this new service”.

The new payment system will not only be able to help tradesmen offer an additional payment source that allows for flexibility, but also the knowledge of potential repeat business with their customer base. MD McEwen said “These are exciting times at Trustatrader. The initial take up and reaction to the new service has been excellent. We are delighted for our members. This new service is proving successful not only for our existing membership but for new Tradesmen that are joining Trustatrader”.

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