Virtual Piggy Signs Agreement with SpiritHoods Kids

Expanding its merchant database

Virtual Piggy, Inc.  today announced that it will provide its youth-friendly payment system to the youth oriented sub-brand of SpiritHoods, SpiritHoods Kids.

“By adding Virtual Piggy as a payment option, kids can choose the SpiritHood that best expresses their personality, then check out on their own.”

Virtual Piggy allows parents to set up a monthly allowance for their children and promotes financial management while empowering youth under 21 to make purchasing, saving and other money management decisions for themselves, within the boundaries setup by parents.

SpiritHoods offers detailed, high quality hoods inspired by the animal world. They have been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and LuckyKids, and are favorites of celebrities. When you purchase a product from their ProBlue label, SpiritHoods donates 10% off net profits to a non-profit dedicated to the protection of that animal.

“Adding SpiritHoods Kids to our offerings provides us with a fashion-forward merchant that is popular with our consumers,” said Virtual Piggy Founder and CEO Dr. Jo Webber. “We’re excited to add them to our growing Virtual Piggy merchant base.”

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