CreditCall announces U.S. growth thanks to “multi-channel offering”

Increased its operations in the U.S. payments market

Payment gateway and EMV software developer CreditCall has announced a surge in the growth of its U.S. business and further U.S. channel expansion. Over the past year, the company has increased its operations in the U.S. payments market by providing card payment processing innovations to major parking equipment manufacturers and operators in six discrete areas of the US parking industry.

The U.S. parking market is increasingly turning to CreditCall’s card payment processing solutions due to innovations such as Point-to-Point Encryption and in-app payments on smartphones and tablets as well as the company’s vast payment solution portfolio for garage parking, multispace meters, single space meters, e-commerce airport pre-bookings and cellphone payments.

CreditCall customers can view their card transactions on WebMIS – CreditCall’s real-time reporting system. This speeds up administration and reconciliations. The combined reporting also provides a valuable insight into customer behavior. Operators can now see exactly which method of payment customers prefer and provide a better service accordingly.

Major U.S. parking equipment manufactures and operators already use CreditCall payment solutions such as Pay by App and E-Commerce Airport Pre-Booking and Penalty Notice payments. 

Dave Witts, CreditCall’s new President of US Payment Services, commented, “Multi-channel capability is becoming increasingly important to major operators and city authorities alike. They are running Pay by Cell schemes alongside traditional garage parking, and to have a common processing and reporting system is a huge bonus.”

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