Misys offer mobile cash management solutions.

Launching mobile payment solutions

Misys has launched mobile versions of its trade finance and cash management products helping regional banking customers in the Middle East meet the growing demand from corporate clients for such services.

In a recent Misys survey into global transaction banking trends, almost half of all responding bank representatives stated that mobile channel development for their corporate customers was a priority for the next 12 months, and nearly two-thirds had it as a priority on which to focus in the next three years. 

“The majority of consumers make payments, transfers and view statements online and increasingly via mobile devices. With this being the norm for consumers, corporate treasurers and transaction banking professionals now expect all their services from banks to be available to them via the same channels as their personal banking services. Misys Mobile for Transaction Banking will allow banks to enhance their service offering to their customers through this additional channel, providing another way in which users can view and manage transactions whenever they require and irrespective of their location,” stated Tim Tyler, Global Product Manager at Misys.

The first solution available for license in the product portfolio is Misys Mobile for Trade Services. This will enable local banks to improve the service they provide their corporate customers, giving them better access and visibility via mobile devices to all their trade finance transactions. Trade finance professionals will be able to manage their trade obligations far more effectively than before and review and approve trade transactions. They will also have better visibility and control of invoices payable, issued Letters of Credit and other trade instruments.

The solution from Misys is available via any smartphone or tablet including BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Banks offering their customers this service will maintain their competitive edge at a time when customer service is critical.

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