SmartDebit comments on cashless payments technology integration in Wales

Trend in cashless payment solutions

The travel department for the Welsh Assembly has confirmed that there are plans to introduce an electronic card payment scheme for passenger use on trains. The Welsh government’s national transport plan has proposed that the scheme will be introduced by to the capital, Cardiff, by 2014.

A spokesperson for the organisation explained, “Our ambition is to have the cards accepted on rail services at the earliest opportunity. Trials of the Wales Travel Card are currently underway on buses with roll out anticipated to start in 2013 – a year before the National Transport Commitment of 2014.”

The move by the Welsh government is the latest of changes towards a cashless society which have become a regular feature over the last year throughout the UK.

SmartDebit has seen an increase in demand for their services as more companies move towards a cashless system. A spokesperson from the company explained, “Electronic payment is becoming an increasingly popular form of payment for both consumers and businesses. Funds moved electronically can be traced which is therefore more safe and secure than cash and can also be more convenient for regular payments. Cashless oyster style cards means that commuters can pre plan and pay for their journey ahead saving them time and inconvenience.”

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