The Hope Process enables no-cost charitable giving for businesses

Facilitating the initiative

Credit card processing services firm IRN Payment Systems (IRN), has announced  The Hope Process. The cause-based merchant account program benefits both charitable 501(c)(3) organizations and businesses alike. Merchants can now support charitable organizations using rebates from the proceeds of credit card processing fees as donations. The Hope Process provides a no-cost and tax-deductible way for businesses across America to support worthy causes. Charities benefit from the steady stream of donations against zero expense.

With The Hope Process, IRN matches current merchant account processing rates for businesses and then rebates 100% of its proceeds during the first year of processing. Any 501(c)(3) organization can be designated as an eligible rebate beneficiary, with one or two charities specified by a merchant at any given time. In subsequent years, 25% of merchant account proceeds are rebated for charitable donation. Online access to track and monitor donation accruals and disbursements is available. Businesses can advertise their social consciousness with signage if desired, showing customers they are actively making a difference.

IRN provides the payment processing services for participants of The Hope Process. “When merchants participate in The Hope Process, we charge exactly the same price they’re already paying for credit card processing services, but every month we give them a rebate which can be donated to the charities of their choice,” states Dino Sgueglia, founder of The Hope Process and IRN Payment Systems.

For more information or to switch your merchant account to The Hope Process today, please telephone +1.800.366.1388 x 275 or visit

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