P&T Luxembourg launches mobile payments at post offices

installing new mobile payment systems

P&T has started to install two new mobile payment systems in its post offices, which can be accessed with smartphones. These new payment methods are especially suitable for small amounts, for example the purchase of stamps.

The Luxembourg mobile payment systems FLASHiZ and Digicash will now be in use in the post offices at Luxembourg-centre and Luxembourg-gare. They will be extended to all other post offices in the near future.

After installing the respective application on the smartphone and charging a certain amount to one’s account (FLASHiZ) or connecting the application to one’s current account (Digicash), the customer can use the chosen system by scanning the QR code at the counter and the amount displayed on the screen can be paid.

Additional information on these payment systems is available on the websites www.digicash.lu and www.flashiz.com .

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