USB Payment Processing announces new Referral Partner Program

New Referral Partner Program

USB Payment Processing has announced the launch of a new Referral Partner Program. Its commission structure provides rewards for referring new customers to USB’s credit card processing services.

When a friend or business you refer signs up for their first USB Payment Processing account, he or she will receive a USD15 credit for supplies at USB. They will also receive USD50 in cash or a USD50 credit for supplies at USB Payment Processing.

Business rewards begin when a friend or business signs up for a USB Payment Processing account and is installed and processing for 30 days. Businesses have the choice of receiving cash or a credit for supplies from USB.

USB will never say no to referrals so there is no cap on how much businesses can earn.

“After a new merchant completes installation and 30 days of processing with USB, you may have your $50 check mailed to your business,” says Marc Reibman, President of USB Payment Processing. “If you have many referral credits in your account, rest assured that you can keep using them and have an unlimited amount of credits.”

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