Cambridge UK records healthy growth

Record growth

FX and payments services provider Cambridge Mercantile Exchange UK is has announced that it outperformed 144 other FX companies and posted profits that led the UK in 2011-2012.

Cambridge, which opened in London in 2005, was designated by Plimsoll Talat, which tracks FX companies, as the fastest growing FX company in the U.K. with a pre-tax profit increase of 1,580%. Much of this increase was created by its vaulting to its first positive return during the year. Cambridge expects to show a profit increase of 70% in 2012-2013.

For the first time, Cambridge registered more than pounds 1,084,879,000 of FX Turnover for the year ending February 29th, 2012, resulting in its listing as one of the top 50 companies in the UK in “sales return on assets” and among the top 50 “cash-rich” companies.

Mr. David Clark, Managing Director, Europe, who took over the company in 2011, credited much of the turnaround to execution of key sales and marketing initiatives. This included a market shift to mid-to-large corporate clients, a greater focus on selling its online solution, a larger sales force, and in particular, a change in its positioning from “price-based” to “valued-based” selling proposition.

“Moving forward, I see a handful of serious competitors growing by 10 to 15 percent in the coming year,” he said. “Smaller companies are flat or in reverse. I see our performance as even more remarkable, considering the state of the European economy.”

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