Onebip launches subscriptions for Android

Expanding service

The global mobile payments service from Neomobile, Onebip has announced the launch of its subscription payment service for Android devices.  Onebip released its first subscription service in 2005 and has managed recurring payments, for global online dating and networking sites since 2008. To celebrate this milestone, the firm has further enhanced its offering by introducing Onebip Android in-app for subscription payments.

 As the first provider of multi-country subscription services using carrier billing technology, Onebip has helped merchants worldwide build their user base and monetize by optimising the opt-in user experience and recurring billing technology.  The power of the subscription model has been enhanced today with the launch of Onebip Android in-app and the potential use of Onebip’s one-click payment which will enable merchants to offer their app users a one-click payment flow to start subscribing from within the application.  This will further improve user experience and ultimately maximize revenues for online merchants.

 “Subscription payments have proven to be a powerful revenue generator and tool for online merchants interested in building a loyal customer base.  We’ve seen online merchants triple their revenues with the introduction of a new subscription service,” said Massimilliano Silenzi, Head of Onebip by Neomobile.  “By introducing new products such as Onebip Android in-app for Subscriptions and Onebip One-click Mobile payments, merchants will be able to further optimise their payment processes and monetise more effectively. Our partners can now distribute their apps for free and let users opt-in to a premium subscription in just one click, and then charge the user on a weekly or monthly basis”

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