FrontStream Payments enhances fasttransact payment platform

Enhancing its payment solutions

Integrated payment technology solutions provider FrontStream Payments, Inc, has taken steps to enhance its full-service payment and donation management platform, commonly known as fasttransactTM.

fasttransactTM, is an enterprise-level payment system allowing merchants to accept and manage transactions through multiple payment channels, interactively gather and track consumer activity, and share consumer and financial data with core business applications. The platform is a solution for merchants in any industry who need the ability to accept electronic payments.

FrontStream has introduced a number of notable enhancements over the past several months, including: 

  • Custom File Mapping Tool: Merchants that need to be able to access transaction or consumer data can now use a simple “mapping tool” interface to build customized file formats for easy export and import of information.
  • Tribute Donations: Initially developed for the non-profit merchant market, fasttransact™ includes a special payment flow that can easily be turned on and implemented as part of the standard donation process for merchants that would like to give their donors the ability to make donations “In Honor” or “In Memory” of a particular person or cause. This enhancement includes a dynamic email/physical mail notification feature and is integrated with existing reporting.
  • Quickbooks Integration: For merchants who use Intuit’s Quickbooks accounting software, FrontStream has built a custom Quickbooks plug-in that automatically records all fasttransact-related payment information in real-time.
  • Payment/Donation Button Generator: A “best practice” for any site that is used to accept electronic payments is to make sure the payment/donation option is clear to consumers and draws their attention. Rather than relying upon simple text hyperlinks, we have created a set of attractive “Pay Now” and “Donate Now” buttons that merchants can embed on their sites.

Nina Vellayan, FrontStream Payments’ CEO and President said, “Enhancements like this are a demonstration of FrontStream’s ability to quickly deliver fresh solutions that meet critical business needs and set us apart from niche solution providers. In the coming year, we will continue to seek new and creative ways to serve our clients that have entrusted us with their business.”

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