First Data & Go Daddy introduce Go Daddy Payment Solutions

Partnering Go Daddy

First Data Corporation, and Web hosting firm Go Daddy have announced Go Daddy Payment Solutions. The application is designed to better serve the electronic payment needs of the small business community.

Go Daddy customers will be able to leverage Go Daddy Payment Solutions to process eCommerce transactions online. Go Daddy gives customers the ability to go from an idea to an enlarged Web presence including a website, shopping cart and online payment acceptance.

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to combine the payment and technology assets of First Data with the market presence of an online leader like Go Daddy,” said Neal Korzekwinski, senior vice president, Strategic Partner Acquisition and Management, First Data.  “We view Go Daddy as everything that is online commerce—domain registration, Web hosting, eCommerce.”

Results from a recent study illustrate that small merchants are embracing technology to stay ahead. The study found that nearly half of all small merchants believe adopting new payment and marketing technologies are important to stay competitive. Of the small merchants surveyed, 86 per cent have a website and nearly half offer online shopping. Of those currently without a website, almost two-thirds of merchants plan to launch one soon.

Neil Proctor, senior director of Development, Go Daddy said. “First Data’s payment processing gives Go Daddy customers the chance to quickly enable credit card payments online, expanding their revenue growth opportunities exponentially.” 

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