Paymetric continues strong business growth

Demand from merchants managing complexities

Integrated and secure enterprise payment acceptance solutions provider Paymetric has announced a year of record company growth for 2012. Paymetric’s Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription fee revenue grew by 66% year-over-year (2011-2012) and 2012 also marked another record year for sales growth.

Growth has been fueled by the increasing need among enterprise level merchants to manage the complexities around payments. “As businesses face the challenge of enabling new secure payment channels such as mobile and eCommerce, Paymetric offers secure payment management solutions that serve at the epicenter of it all,” said Asif Ramji, president and CEO, Paymetric.

In response to industry need, Paymetric plans to launch a suite of new products in 2013 to provide enhanced security solutions, payment optimization services and new payment processing opportunities.

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