Research and Markets: Three lessons for profiting from P2P

P2P market undergoing rapid development

Research and Markets  has announced the addition of the “P2P Payments: Three Key Lessons for Profiting from P2P” report to their offering.

The global P2P market is currently undergoing a phase of rapid and unprecedented development driven by both changes in global consumer dynamics and the impacts of emerging, and potentially trans-formative technologies. As the market continues to grow, payment providers are now faced with the opportunity to replace more traditional forms such as cash and cheques, but will face new challenges.


– Plan your strategy effectively by learning from real world examples of what competitors are doing in the P2P space.

– Aid your new product development by seeing what lessons can be learned from the global P2P experience.

– Build a better business model by understanding the implications of growing levels of competition in the P2P space.


– Electronic methods for conducting P2P transactions are having a major impact on the P2P market and this applies to all markets. In some regions the impact can be truly transformative such as M-Pesa in Kenya. American Expresses Serve platform by contrast shows how even established markets are now faced with new potential in the P2P space.

– Despite the potential of electronic means of P2P, cash will remain king for the foreseeable future for the vast majority of day-to-day P2P transactions. Sevices such as Moneygram which can combine cash elements to newer technologies will maintain an advantage.

– P2P services will increasingly be forced to choose between being a revenue generating platform or a value added service to clients. The growth in P2P services available to consumers risks becoming a hygeine factor for financial providers, impacting on the revenue potential of P2P within the domestic sphere.

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