BilltoMobile launches integrated mobile payments service with U.S. Cellular

Billto one of first to integrate with US Cellular

BilltoMobile has announced that the BilltoMobile platform is now available for U.S. Cellular subscribers. BilltoMobile is one of the first to offer direct integration with U.S. Cellular making it possible for merchants to optimize customer conversion and boost revenue through online and mobile sales. 

This agreement represents BilltoMobile’s advancement in the mobile payments market using carrier-based mobile payments to enable consumers to make purchases from digital merchants.  Through its mobile marketing and mobile payment services, BilltoMobile enables its merchants to acquire and monetize consumers on mobile devices.

 API integration to BilltoMobile’s platform enables merchants to take advantage of dynamic pricing, device identification, real-time transaction status, minimal fraud, higher payouts, recurring subscription payments, and support for all of the latest features supported by wireless carriers.

 “By moving away from older payment technologies and integrating payment services through the BilltoMobile platform, U.S. Cellular is now offering the most advanced opportunity for online merchants looking to increase customer monetization online,”  said Manish Vichare, Head of Engineering at BilltoMobile.

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