Coaster launches self-serve iPad app for bars accepting m-payments

Expanding service

Coaster recently launched a mobile drink ordering app which allows customers to place orders and pay for their drinks at participating bars without having to queue. The San Francisco-based start-up has been adding venues to the app but not at the desired rate. As a result it has released a self-serve iPad app that bars can install themselves.

Coaster has been facing the problem of getting its system in more bars, rather than getting customers to download the app. The SME market can be difficult to penetrate, especially when considering the abundance of potential bars. Therefore, the iPad app allows bars to implement the system themselves with the ability to custom menus and prices.

A number of benefits have been highlighted by Coaster founder Inerpal Singh. Firstly, bars will be able to sell more drinks by decreasing waiting times and increasing the payment process speed. Bar tenders no longer need to worry about cards left behind or keeping track of tabs. The most appealing advantage to bars is the no payment processing fee which means the system is free roll out. 

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