FrontStream Payments launches integrated payment solution for smart devices

Offering mobile solution

FrontStream Payments has announced the launch of MobileTransact, a solution that enables its merchants to easily accept payments and donations anytime, anywhere, any way.

Available to all Apple device users, MobileTransact is compatible with iOS6, and accessible as a free download from the Apple App Store. After a simple setup process, FrontStream merchants can immediately start accepting payments and donations.

“FrontStream is excited to offer MobileTransact as a fully compatible mobile payment solution to our customers,” said Nina Vellayan, Chief Executive Officer and President of FrontStream Payments. “We believe that businesses of all types should have access to smart solutions that make doing business seamless and enhance the end user experience.”

The MobileTransact application is compatible with a wide variety of Apple products (including iPhone 3G – 5, 1st – 3rd generation iPads and the iPod Touch) and FrontStream has partnered with MagTek to offer merchants a secure card reader that easily plugs into each device. Best known for secure card reader authenticators, check scanners, PIN pads and credential issuing systems, MagTek provides strong encryption, secure tokenization, and real time authentication.

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