SmartDebit respond to report on European e-commerce

Growing industry

According to a study conducted by market research institute GFK, the 6.7% of the total turnover of online sales in 2006 has increased to 15.5% in 2012. GFK and Ecommerce Europe have estimated that the total turnover of web-based sales of goods and services reached EUR310 billion in 2012.

Internet penetration also formed part of the study, with five nations having internet penetration levels above the European average of 16.8%: The Czech Republic (33.1%), Germany (21.9%), the UK (21.9%), the Netherlands (18.6 %) and Switzerland (18.4%). Surprisingly, Italy and Spain fall well below the European average with shares below 7%, while Portugal has the lowest internet penetration with just 2.5%.

Unsurprisingly, the UK, France and Germany make up the three largest e-commerce markets in Europe, accounting for 78.5% of the Europe11 e-commerce turnover for online sales and 63.4% for traditional sales. In comparison, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Belgium represent the smallest markets in Europe, with just 6.9% of the Europe11 e-commerce turnover for online sales and 7.9% for traditional sales.

SmartDebit offer an e-commerce service for organisations to sign their customers up to recurring Direct Debit payments through their own website. A spokesperson from the Surrey-based bureau commented, “Consumers today are comfortable paying for products and services online, and in most cases expect to be able to do so. Smartphone and tablet devices have become a key component of the digital shopping landscape across Europe, contributing higher levels of ecommerce sales as consumers become comfortable shopping on them. Companies that are yet to optimise their business model to include e-commerce will inevitably lose out on business.”

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