TicketMaster ditches CAPTCHA verification platform

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Ticketmaster is to dismiss its ridiculed CAPTCHA system for verification and will adopt new technology to ensure a faster ticket-buying process.

The CAPTCHA system is designed to help block automated bots from buying tickets by providing hard-to-read text which customers must replicate by typing in. Real humans have had difficulties getting the words right suggestive the method is too effective. This has proved frustrating to consumers when buying tickets online before an event sells out.

Ticketmaster is addressing this issue by removing Google’s CAPTCHA system and instead partnering with Solve Media to develop a new verification system. The concept will remain the same but text will be made easier to read and verification procedures may come in the form of logic puzzles or interactive advertisements.

 “While an important step in blocking BOTS, we know the current CAPTCHA solution has been a frustrating part of buying tickets for fans,” Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard said in a statement. “By working with Solve Media and deploying our own innovative mobile solution, we’re leading the industry forward through our buying experience and the aggressive fight against BOTS.”


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