POSGuys.com releases POS Systems for grocery and dispensaries

POS Systems for grocery stores

POSGuys.com has announced the launch of new POS Systems for grocery stores and dispensaries. Built to meet these retailers’ specific needs, both systems offer the tools necessary to improve order accuracy and manage inventory with ease.

Grocery stores and sell-by-weight dispensaries, such as  coffee, or spices, require additional, custom hardware, including precision scales and advanced barcode scanners. POSGuys.com paired premiere hardware and software in these new systems, taking the guesswork out of shopping for a POS system.

Solutions from POSGuys.com are pre-configured to work out of the box and come with 1-year warranty coverage in addition to standard manufacturer warranties. Retailers also receive an hour training session with POSGuys.com technical support staff, covering the day-to-day operations as well as answering questions.

“We have found that from corner grocers to small chains, grocery stores require high performance equipment,” said Travis Chun, Director of Operations for POSGuys.com. “As such, we built the Grocery POS System to meet their demands and more. This system offers the performance and scalability growing grocery stores desire.”

Powered by PCAmerica Cash Register Express software, the Grocery POS System is pre-configured to work out of the box, this eliminates a longer setup process. Cash Register Express runs on the Microsoft SQL database engine. Grocers need the ability to add lanes to alleviate waiting during checkout. Cash Register Express supports multi-lane and even multi-store operations, allowing you to expand your business as needed.

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