Acquirer Systems reveals latest insights in New Switch Migration Whitepaper

Insight into switch migration

Acquirer Systems, has announced the release of its new industry whitepaper for Merchant Acquirers and Card Issuers entitled “Are you ready for Switch Migration?”. Acquirer Systems is sharing its insight and experience of successful payment switch migrations in this guide on how to navigate a successful migration.

Consumer demand for instant payments and the rise of Internet and mobile channels are transforming the payments landscape. As worldwide payment volumes increase and new ways to pay are being added to the mix, older payment switch platforms including the dominant BASE-24 platform are being retired. The industry is looking for new models and solutions for payment switch deployment.

According to the whitepaper, many firms begin their migration planning too late and even the best-prepared payments business can find unforeseen difficulties in migration. The paper concludes that a simulated end-to-end test environment is critical for a smooth migration because it facilitates continuous operation and assures no interruptions of live operation as functionality is moved safely in Phases.

Aidan Corcoran, CTO of Acquirer Systems, commented, “One of the key challenges for payment firms today is how to keep their payments infrastructure optimized to support the needs of consumers and increasing payment volumes. Time is running out for legacy switch platforms, but migration is a complex challenge, often described as the payments industry’s equivalent of a heart transplant. Increasingly, customers are seeking out our advice on the options available to them achieve a timely and low risk payment switch migration.”

The paper is available for download here.

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