LevelUp and ShopKeep team up for mPayments

Partnering ShopKeep

LevelUp has integrated its QR code-based payments system with ShopLeep’s iPad POS. Under the terms of the partnership, LevelUP will provide its merchant partners with their own POS system whilst merchants with existing ShopKeep infrastructure can still accept can still accept LevelUp payments.

All transactions will be consolidated by ShopKeep POS into one report which can be accessed anywhere. Furthermore, merchants stand to benefit from LevelUp’s 0% payment processing fees.

“The mobile payment industry is poised for tremendous growth,” said ShopKeep POS founder and CEO Jason Richelson in a statement. “We are dedicated to making business processes simple for our merchants and always aim to offer them the latest tools in the market. LevelUp shares our sensibility and we are thrilled to work with them.”

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