MoonClerk to help small businesses accept recurring online payments

Competing with the likes of Sqaure

MoonClerk has announced the launch of its new web-based service designed to help small businesses easily accept recurring and one-time online payments.

The company has signed up a wide range of businesses in various industries such as local service providers, nonprofits, gyms, subscription product companies, and schools. Now that MoonClerk is available to the public, co-founder, Dodd Caldwell says, “Any small business can use the service, and we do handle one-time payments easily, but our real focus has been on creating a product that easily handles recurring payments.

Businesses can set up MoonClerk without any technical or programming skills. The setup process generally takes around 5 minutes to begin accepting payments because there are no merchant accounts, payment gateways, or other systems to apply for and implement. The service provides bank-level security so businesses don’t need to deal with SSL certificates or PCI compliance. “Our checkout works on all devices – desktop and mobile. So, for instance, a lawn care service can set a customer up on-site with a subscription payment and then forget about having to send invoices and then collect on them. We also handle a lot of the back-office issues, like sending out automatic receipts.”

MoonClerk differentiates itself from e-commerce solutions and POS systems such as Square by allowing businesses to gather credit card information from their customer or donors and then charging that credit card on a recurring or subscription basis. Caldwell says: “We really wanted to help businesses convert customers. When someone decides to pay you or donate to you, you want them to complete the process. By giving our customers control of the design of the checkout experience and other great tools, we’re able to help them accomplish that goal. PayPal was one of the only recurring systems out there for small businesses and it didn’t really allow non-technical users to do that.”

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