SmartDebit responds to increase in mobile web and e-commerce usage

Analysing consumer behaviour

According to a recent study, half of all smartphone users access the internet multiple times a day. The highest percentage of users was in predictable countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Japan and Australia. In addition to the increase in usage, smartphone owners are becoming more comfortable with making purchases through their mobile. Statistics showed an increase in e-commerce via mobile over 2012, especially during the festive seasons. In 2012, 72 percent of mobile shoppers paid by debit or credit card through trusted means such as online payment forms. Furthermore, modes of payment such as PayPal and Direct Debit were also regularly used in developed markets like the UAE and UK.

A SmartDebit representative from the firm explained: “As e-commerce becomes more popular and smartphone users make frequent use of the web, an increase in online purchasing will occur. Recent studies have shown that UK businesses with an e-commerce platform expect up to 40 per cent of their sales to come through this channel. We urge all organisations to review their business model and assess how valuable the online market is to them.”

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