Report conveys Turkey’s online shopping growth

Significant growth

A report carried out by Turkey’s Interbank Card Center has revealed a significant growth in onlines shopping in 2012, with online credit card transaction rising 34%, compared to the previous year. The results bring Turkey’s the total value of online credit card transactions to USD17.4bn.

The report also showed that credit and debit card issuing continued to grow in 2012. Credit cards issued by banks grew by 6% and debit cards by 11%. Director General Soner Canko of Interbank Card Centre spoke to the Anadolu Agency: “Accepting cards in trade became widespread. People used to be more cautious about it. We closed 2011 with 2 million POS (Point of Sale) machines however I can say that in 2012, we added 100,000 more of the devices. With the advancing technology and cooperation of banks, a POS device can serve more than one bank.”

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