SmartDebit responds to study on impact of electronic payments on global economy

Driving efficiencies across all sectors

According to a study conducted by Moody’s Analytics on behalf of Visa, involving 56 countries between 2008 and 2012, the growth in the use of electronic payments contributed $983 billion to their GDP; the equivalent to creating 1.9 million jobs.

Of the 56 countries that account for 93% of global GDP it was concluded that “Card usage makes the economy more efficient, yielding a meaningful boost to economic growth, year after year, through a multitude of factors including transaction efficiencies, consumer access to credit and consumer confidence in the payment system overall.”

Furthermore, growth in card consumption added to an average additional growth in GDP of 0.17 percentage point per year over the five-year period. During the same period, GDP in those countries grew by an average of 1.8 percentage points.

A spokesperson from SmartDebit commented on the findings, “The study confirms the effectiveness of electronic payment products on a global scale, despite the tough economic landscape. The speed, convenience and efficiency that electronic payments provide to both consumers and businesses are unequivocal. Traditional payment methods such as cheques are experiencing severe decline in usage as well as an increased number of people leaving home without cash.” He continues, “Increased electronic payment usage will drive efficiencies across the private and public sector and contribute to the UK’s economic growth.”

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