Thales and Miura help reduce the cost of mobile payments

Offering security to payment solutions

Thales and Miura Systems, have announced an integrated mobile payment solution that enables merchants to adopt mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems that fully support PIN based transactions, including the use of EMV chip cards.

Merchants have had no simple means to step up to the advantages of accepting PIN based transactions and chip based EMV payment cards. The combined solution from Miura and Thales not only enables merchants to take advantage of the inherent security qualities of these technologies to reduce fraud and simplify compliance, they also qualify for reduced interchange fees which directly benefits their bottom line.

Ian Hermon, mobile payments specialist at Thales e-Security says: “Mobile acceptance has seen tremendous growth globally over the past year, but there has remained a gap between the payment options available at fixed, in-store point of sale terminal and mobile devices. Furthermore, the fact that mobile acceptance devices have lacked the appropriate security technologies to qualify for lower fee structures has penalized smaller merchant that are accepting card payments for the first time. As a payment technology leader, Thales is working with innovators such as Miura to close that gap by delivering the same high levels of security to the mobile world as have become commonplace in the traditional in-store fixed terminal environment.”

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