Cardlytics to make consumer offers and rewards available via Facebook

Expanding service

Analytics and marketing platform Cardlytics, has announced that their service will be expanded to allow consumers to opt-in to receiving offers and rewards via Facebook.

Founded in the U.S. in 2008, Cardlytics enables banks and retailers to provide timely offers to customers in a precisely targeted way; based on their individual, past purchases. Up until now, offers have been available to customers via their online and mobile bank statements, and via e-mail.

This latest innovation will allow partner banks to deploy a Facebook App that integrates with the Cardlytics reward platform. The App will let consumers privately see their offers and rewards while using Facebook. Crucially for the consumer, no personal banking information is entered or shared anywhere in this process. The Cardlytics software uses the Facebook API to create a link from an anonymous token ID at the bank to their individual Facebook ID.

The firm works closely with thousands of businesses, sourcing marketing offers from retailing, restaurants and other consumer-facing brands with plans to launch in the U.K. market in 2013.

“Extending our reward program to Facebook is a really exciting development,” said Jason Brooks, U.K. managing director of Cardlytics. “This functionality will increase engagement between banks and their customers. Now banks have an option to interact with their customers in new media like Facebook, without compromising any principles on security and data protection.”

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