Payplum & Layered Tech team up for PCI compliant solution

Supporting PayPlum in PCI compliance

PCI compliance for merchants has been revised by the recent launch of a cloud-based solution for securely accepting and transmitting payment card information during online purchase transactions. Layered Tech, a global provider of compliant managed hosting and cloud services, and PayPlum, a creator of products and services to protect and secure sensitive consumer data, have joined forces to implement a solution that enables merchants to securely and compliantly accept sensitive cardholder data.

The PayPlum Enterprise PCI cloud also implements the secure transfer of transaction data to the merchant’s chosen payment gateway. In this solution sensitive cardholder data never touches the merchant’s servers, payments forms, or network, thereby taking them completely out of the scope of PCI compliance and dramatically reducing the associated costs and risks.

Layered Tech hosts the PayPlum private cloud in its PCI-compliant data centers and provides management of the cloud to ensure continuous compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

PayPlum Co-Founder and CEO Greg McGraw said: “Layered Tech’s versatile private cloud offerings, managed compliance services, and commitment to securing data in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way for business clients made them the clear choice for hosting the PayPlum Enterprise PCI compliance cloud.”

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