Square brings its payment service to another coffee shop chain

Expanding its service offering

Square is partnering with coffee shop chain Blue Bottle Coffee as it seeks to bring its mobile payment service to more businesses and customers across the US. Under the deal, Blue Bottle will use Square as its point-of-sale system to accept credit card and cash payments, as well as to track inventory and monitor takings, while customers will be able to pay using the Square mobile app, Square Wallet. Initially, the service will only be available in Brooklyn and San Fransisco, but Blue Bottle says it will roll Square out to more stores over the coming months.

The deal comes after Square signed a huge deal to power credit card transactions in Starbucks’ 7,000 US stores. While this latest partnership is not on the same scale, small- and medium-sized businesses are likely to be key for Square as it seeks to convince more consumers and merchants of the benefits of its mobile payment service. Small chains are also more likely to adopt Square’s full point-of-sale system, unlike the likes of Starbucks. It now has some 3m businesses and individuals using its service.

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