SmartDebit responds to changes in Council Tax payment

Reducing cost by improving services

From April, changes in Government policy mean that local councils will lose millions of pounds in government funding for Council Tax Benefit. As a result, councils have been forced to re-evaluate those who currently receive benefits and millions will now be responsible for paying Council Tax.

Under the new scheme everyone of working age who is liable to pay Council Tax will be expected to contribute. In order to make paying the bills as simple and convenient as possible local councils are expected to introduce various payment systems including online, over the telephone and via cashless unique cards. The new card allows tenants to pay for Council Tax at dedicated participating shops where Payzone and PayPoint facilities are available, meaning that residents will no longer have to have their Council Tax bill with them in order to pay the bill or stand in time consuming queues at busy locations such as The Post Office. Consumers can also pay Council Tax bills via direct debit and online.

SmartDebit is pleased to hear that local councils such as Milton Keynes are attempting to make paying bills simpler. Online cashless systems provide a 24 hour service allowing people to pay their bills when it is most fitting for them. A representative from the company added, “The public sector has come under increased pressure in recent years and is set to continue in order to boost the economy. Councils are recognising that they must reduce cost by improving their processes, driving efficiencies and at the same time to ‘think green’. From a consumer perspective, the ability to pay council tax via Direct Debit allows you to spread costs throughout the year, aiding your personal financial management with a healthy cash flow and maintaining control.”

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