BII sets up online payment gateway for AirAsia Indonesia

Facilitating payment processing

Bank International Indonesia has set up an online payment gateway and cash management system for AirAsia Indonesia.  This will take place through a service called BII CoOLPAY (Cooperate On Line Payment), BII will facilitate payment processing for AirAsia Indonesia. 

As a result of the partnership, AirAsia will be able to take payments from ticket purchases in real time as well as receiving a detailed online report. “Through BII CoOLPAY, AirAsia’s travel bureaus can make ticket payments without coming to the bank. BII CoOLPAY will make the payment process between BII, AirAsia and the travel bureau faster and efficient,” said Dato’ Khairussaleh Ramli, the president director of Bank Internasional Indonesia

Dharmadi, the president director of AirAsia Indonesia, said, “We are glad that BII understood the business needs of AirAsia. … We are sure this facility can help grow AirAsia’s business.” 

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