SmartDebit responds to introduction of cashless parking system in Bolton

Expected increase in such initiatives

Bolton Council has introduced a two year trial partnership with a local technology company to make cashless parking available to residents living in the town. The new scheme will allow motorists to pay using their mobile by informing an automated system of information such as parking bay number and the duration of long they want to park for.

The facility also offers the chance to receive a text message confirming the length of stay and a further message warning them when the time is near expiry. Once customers have initially registered, parking will be even quicker as they are fast tracked through the automated system as well as the ability to book parking by text message, online or by mobile web.

Surrey-based bureau SmartDebit, has been closely following automated, electronic payment updates, witnessing a large increase in local councils making the transition to cashless systems. A representative explained, “Cashless parking systems benefit both the motorist and the council saving time, administrative costs and convenience. The implementation of electronic payment systems by Councils across the UK is expected to increase over the coming years as traditional systems become outdated and public sector organisations look align their operations to ensure savings and efficiencies.”

The move by Bolton Council is the latest in a long series of decisions by local councils to move towards a cashless council system including parking, council tax and parking fine payments.

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