Visa Europe and Streamline confirm further contactless payment rollout for Boots

Expanding contactless payment initiative

Visa Europe and Streamline have confirmed further roll out for contactless payment through their partnership with Boots UK stores. The announcement follows a successful initial launch which has seen over 600 of the largest Boots UK stores begin to offer contactless payments to customers including London stores zone 1-4. All Boots stores in the Republic of Ireland now offer this method of payment.

The contactless technology provided by Visa Europe and Streamline allows customers to simply tap the reader with their contactless enabled card when making payments of up to GBP20. Payments are made in less than a second.

Mark Austin, Head of Contactless, Visa Europe said: “2012 was a tipping point for UK contactless transactions which increased over the course of the year to more than 2.5 million a month. We’re predicting that transactions will grow fourfold over the course of 2013, thanks to the rollout in retailers like Boots UK, Marks and Spencer and McDonald’s, as well as all of London’s buses.”

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