Ukash available in Mexico via Farmapronto outlets

Expanding its service offering

Ukash, the international eMoney payment method, is now available throughout Mexico via Farmapronto. It solution enables all consumers in Mexico to use cash to pay safely and conveniently online by exchanging notes and coins for a voucher. The firm covers various sectors including shopping, gift cards, games, poker and bingo and is can be used to pay directly at thousands of websites worldwide.

Ukash has now officially launched in the 825 outlets of Farmapronto and will expand its distribution network further via 7-Eleven , Extra and multi-tiered stores in early March, with extensive network outlets such as Farmacias del Ahorro all to follow in early 2013.  

Stats vary on online usage in Mexico with Jesus Benitez from US Media Consultancy claiming Mexico will have 56.4 million unique online users by 2014 and 64% of the population will be under 35 and have significant purchasing power. He also states that Mexico is number 2 in e-commerce in Latin America and is growing by 50% a year. Forrester’s projects it will reach USD3.4bn by 2016.

This predicted online expenditure means it is vital that Mexicans are given not only the choice of online merchants to purchase from, but also the security and peace of mind that comes from using a pre-paid voucher rather than sharing bank details online. Finally, Ukash’s launch in Mexico means Mexican consumers will be able to obtain Ukash in their local currency, Mexican Peso (MXN).

David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Ukash said, “Ukash is delighted to be working with MTCenter (one of the main electronic services suppliers in the country)  and their comprehensive coverage of Mexico enables Ukash to empower Mexicans to conveniently and safely pay online with cash.

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