Cryptomathic – Explaining EMV key management

Offering EMV insight

To promote understanding of the certificates, keys and security processes involved when managing EMV implementations, internationally renowned e-security solutions provider Cryptomathic, has published a white paper entitled: ‘EMV Key Management – Explained’. The document will be of particular interest to payment card issuers and service providers which have, or will be deploying EMV payments technology.

The Cryptomathic EMV key management white paper provides an overview of the cryptographic processes involved when issuing and managing payment card and mobile applications based on EMV, the payment standard for chip card technology. In addition to introducing the entities that contribute to key management, alongside their individual roles and responsibilities, the white paper outlines the EMV key management framework and offers unambiguous definitions of the technology processes and terminology used within this area.

“Key management involves creating, deleting, storing and distributing keys to ensure that sensitive information is protected from unauthorised parties,” explains Martin Eriksen, EMV Product Manager at Cryptomathic. “For EMV a number of requirements must be met when managing keys from both a physical and procedural perspective. Gaining an understanding of this framework helps to put these requirements into context, enabling issuers and service providers to choose the right EMV strategy at the start of an implementation or technology upgrade and effectively manage the process.”

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