AIRTAG launches AIRPASS white label mobile wallet

Mobile wallet solution

French mobile shopping solutions provider AIRTAG, has announced the launch of AIRPASS, a white label mobile wallet for retailers, banks and mobile network operators. The solution enables providers to distribute their own self-branded virtual wallet with NFC payment capabilities. Ready for distribution on 22+ smartphones including Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10, AIRPASS enables a maximal number of end users to benefit from each brand’s mobile wallet offering.

Unique features to AIRPASS include the ability for use as an Open Wallet; cards aggregator, or Widget Wallet; or widgets aggregator, giving providers more choice of utility based on business needs. The system also offers security protection by pincode, offline pin management and remote wallet locking.

“We have been listening closely to the current market needs in the Mobile Shopping eco-system as the traditional shopping experience continues to revolutionize. There are going to be not one, but many mobile wallets that succeed if they can deliver value added services to end-users. Each brand needs to start building their own identity in the wallet experience, not simply to get a piece of the payment pie, rather to retain and build loyal customers,” said CEO & Co-founder of AIRTAG, Jérémie Leroyer.

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