xpWallet and ATMSafe partner for secure mobile banking solutions

Partnering in mobile banking services

Mobile wallet solution provider xpWallet, has announced that the Pier Group International has successfully facilitated a partnership between xpWallet and ATM Safe, A division of Global Benefits Group (GBG).  As a result, xpWallet’s mobile banking solution offers protection assurance against mobile payment frauds.
Under terms of the agreement, XpWallet offers the ATMSafe protection benefit for various financial platforms: mobile cash transactions, ATM transactions and remittance transactions.  ATMSafe will be provided automatically for each mobile user when they sign-up for the mobile wallet services. If a customer of a bank or financial institution experiences a financial loss when using an ATM or mobile payment, ATMSafe replaces the lost or stolen cash.
“We are privileged to have ATMSafe Global as our valued partner in mobile banking services”, says Rohtas Chhabra, Vice President, Product & Technology at xpWallet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. “We are also very excited to see our revolutionary expansion in mobile banking growing sector as our opportunities and capabilities develop around the world.”

 ”xpWallet is clearly at the forefront of developing platforms which fully respond to the needs of their customers.  Their holistic approach to design and implementation of mobile banking platforms with the additional provision of security is innovative and necessary in this industry.   We are pleased to be involved with this partnership and are sure this option will provide worldwide benefits. ” commented Paula Bohland, CEO of the Pier Group International.

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