Elisa chooses Valimo to provide mobile electronic identity solution

Incorporating Valimo's solution

Valimo, a software solution provider for mobile authentication and digital signature, has been chosen to provide its mobile electronic identity solution to Finnish operator Elisa. Valimo’s Mobile ID will ensure enhanced security for service providers and end users, offering the ability to sign legally binding agreements and contracts via mobile phone. It also opens the door to a host of additional benefits, such as access to eGovernment services.

Elisa’s innovative Elisa Lompakko service is the first large scale mobile wallet initiative in Finland. Valimo’s security-proven Mobile ID software will be embedded in all Elisa’s UICC as they contain the SIM and other NFC applications to provide seamless user authentication. Furthermore, it allows users to create a legally binding electronic signature by using a self-select PIN code. As a result, Elisa’s Lompakko customers will be able to use their phones for any transaction including ones with amounts above the EUR25 limit commonly observed in some contactless payment services in other countries.

Yousaf Ghous, Managing Director for Valimo, added: “Security and convenience are linked and undoubtedly the first concerns for mobile operators looking to offer contactless electronic wallet services. Valimo’s Mobile ID products provide a comprehensive answer, and unlock the full potential of NFC mobile phones to deliver ticketing, insurance and eGovernment services. Once a Mobile ID is created on a UICC, end users are only a tap of the phone away from signing up to new services and contracts.”

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