Proxama powers BlackBerry Z10 launch with NFC

Offering NFC support

Proxama has partnered with London based experiential marketing agency Experience Worldwide to provide the NFC platform that is starring in a UK-wide field promotion of the new BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry is launching a consumer-facing campaign that will tour 14 shopping centres throughout the UK. The campaign features an NFC-powered experience where existing BlackBerry device owners will be invited to test out the NFC feature of the new Z10 by tapping an NFC-enabled poster to claim a reward.

The reward logic and content is managed by Proxama’s TapPoint NFC marketing platform and will enable Experience Worldwide to track ‘real-time’ analytics for the duration of the campaign, such as the number and location of taps, comparable data over any 24-hour period and the distribution of rewards.

Miles Quitmann, managing director, Proxama said, “It’s fantastic that BlackBerry is getting behind NFC as a core feature of the new generation of smart phones. We believe that the mobile industry needs to make a concerted effort to educate consumers to the benefits of NFC and what it can do to improve people’s everyday lives, so the commitment from BlackBerry is really welcome. Consumer engagement is a vital cog in the development of NFC and campaigns such as this one will help build the public’s awareness and understanding of it.”

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