Be2bill forms an online payment partnership with Jaïna Capital

Offering online payment solution

Be2bill, the online payment solution by Rentabiliweb Group has announced the signature of a global partnership with the Jaïna Capital venture fund managed by Marc Simoncini. Under this partnership, Be2bill solutions will be used to process and optimise online payments on websites in Jaïna Capital’s portfolio.

The agreement covers all the merchant websites in which Jaïna has invested and provides them with one-step collection transactions in both euros and foreign currency. Furthermore, it also provides fraud control and risk management in France and internationally.

“We have chosen to develop a partnership with Be2bill, as it is one of the only players of the market that offers a solution for online payments that is both comprehensive and optimized. It is vital for the websites and brands we support that we work with a reliable, capable technical partner who understands our key e-merchant requirements, and who can provide a flexible solution that is easy to integrate. This partnership to manage our payments in both euros and sterling will help increasing conversion rates on the French and international markets. In the future we will be working on other brands or other payment kinematics”:Emmanuel Prevost, founding partner of Jaïna Capital.

“Jaïna Capital only invests in high-growth projects and supports some of the most innovative online businesses in Europe. It is also a team with considerable expertise in the field of e-trade logics. This partnership will be very constructive”: Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, CEO of Rentabiliweb Europe.

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