UniCredit rolls out biometric payments

Innovative solution

European banking group UniCredit will make a biometric payments solution available for its clients in Italy in the near future. 

The technology has been provided by Fujitsu.  Using its PalmSecure solution, a contactless scan of the palm vein pattern of a user’s hand confirms their identity.  Using biometrics provides a more secure, harder to defraud and easier to use authentication method than Chip & Pin.
As the Fujitsu PalmSecure only requires the unique pattern of veins within the pal, there is no need for card, key or chip authentication. This minimises identity fraud likelihood to virtually impossible.

The process takes place without the need for photo or data storage. The solution sensor translates the map of your palm into a unique numeric code in the registration process. From then on, the sensor named Papillon will be able to identify you.  In addition, the translated code cannot be converted back into the original map of the blood circulating in the hand.

UniCredit carried out a series of tests of its Papillon payments system in December 2012. The first payment was made by Unicredit’s CEO Federic Ghizzoni at a KIKO MAKEUP MILANO store. Hovering his hand over the sensor, the readers recognised his hand within a few seconds and payment was completed.

 The bank plans to roll out Papillon as a mobile payments mechanism to complement other payment methods such as QR-code reading.  UniCredit believes there is scope for this solution to replace ATM and credit cards as an authentication method. 

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