Cash IT and Payair opens for mobile

Offering mobile solution

Cash IT, a cash register company, integrates mobile commerce into their POS-system in co-operation with Swedish Payair. This provides over a thousand physical stores the opportunity to provide customers with offers via mobile phone.

Since launching in 2011, Payair’s solution is widely used in both e-commerce and physical retail shops.

Cash IT has developed simple and scalable POS-systems for physical stores from the small shop to the larger chains. The integration of Payair´s mobile commerce solution enables both new and existing customers the opportunity to add mobile commerce into their POS-system.

“The great thing about this solution is that it in a very simple way enable small and large retailers to provide mobile commerce and take advantage of the benefits it provides, such as creating loyalty and direct marketing messages”, says Kristian Hovden, vice president of Sales at Payair.

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